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Ingredients: coconut oil
Fractionated Coconut Oil is a clear, colourless oil which does not leave a greasy feel, or stain sheets or massage towels. Superb for massage for babies and the elderly, it is also suited to very fine pores, or where a non-greasy after feel is sought.
It is made from a fractionation process which separates light and solid parts of Coconut Oil. This fractionation leaves the coconut oil very light and allows it to sink right into the skin, and together with the ease with which is washes out of linen, is much sought after by massage therapists.

Also known as “FCO” in the soaping world, it is not a “go to” use in Cold Process Soap because that “solid” stearin part has been removed, using regular Coconut Oil for soapmaking will result in harder bars with more lather. Because it contains only the medium triglycerides, means that is always liquid, at all temperatures. It’s an excellent carrier for Essential Oils and Fragrance, and for making lotions and creams “less heavy”.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is very stable and has a virtually indefinite shelf life with no rancidity issues.

Because Fractionated Coconut Oil is colorless and odorless, it is perfect for blending with essential oils as it preserves and maintains their original fragrance and benefits. This carrier oil is ideal for dry or troubled skin and provides a soothing topical barrier without clogging pores.
Description: Coconut Fractionated (MCT) Oil is a 60/40 grade oil that is a liquid at room temperature. It differs from Regular Coconut Oil in that it is produced by heat rather than cold pressing. Many consider it to be very comparable to the characteristics of human skin. It is also used on oily skin as it will not clog pores. It can also be used as a treatment to condition dull or dry hair.

Aromatic Description: Fractionated Coconut has no scent characteristic of most carrier oils

Common Uses: Fractionated coconut is used almost exclusively by cosmetic manufacturers.

Consistency: Typical and Characteristic of Carrier Oils.

Absorption: Fractionated Coconut produces a barrier on the skin, but will not clog pores.

Shelf life: Fractionated Coconut oil is very slow to go rancid; users can expect a minimum shelf life of 6 Months, but much longer with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

Cautions: Allergic reactions to this oil is a possibility, though less so than regular coconut.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil

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